O-Ku's Steve Palmer To Launch Sukoshi, a Pop-up Sushi Concept

The 500-square-foot eatery will arrive fall 2016 in Colony Square.

The culinary team behind O-Ku Atlanta has set its sights on Midtown’s Colony Square for the opening of Sukoshi, a long-term sushi pop-up concept, set to open this fall.

Inspired by sister restaurant O-Ku, Sukoshi will be a counter-service establishment featuring dishes derived from the original restaurant in a grab-and-go format. The new concept, complete with garden lights and outdoor seating, comes as part of North American Properties’ (NAP) efforts to reimagine Colony Square.

“We are very eager to debut this new concept to this thriving area in Midtown,” Kimball Brienza, managing partner of O-Ku, said in a press release Wednesday.

“With so much foot-traffic in the area, we saw an opportunity with this space to provide quick, daytime access to the same fresh and dynamic dishes that O-Ku serves nightly on the Westside.”

Located near Colony Square’s MIDTOWN letters off Peachtree Street, the new concept will serve up a variety of sushi rolls and small bites to-go including some popular mainstay menu items from O-Ku such as the Black Magic roll made with squid ink rice, lobster and masago aioli; rock shrimp with tomato confit, red chili and crusted peanut; and the Marilyn Mon roll with salmon, kani tempura, cucumber, avocado and thin sliced lemon.

Adding to its culinary offerings, Sukoshi will also offer a variety of traditional sake alongside beers from local breweries.

Designed by David Thompson, the 500-square-foot-space will feature a sushi bar with four seats alongside a grab-and-go food station. The interior will reflect that of its O-Ku predecessors, boasting a wooden sushi bar alongside lavender and Japanese accents throughout the space.

Sukoshi | Colony Square | Atlanta